5 ways to use PVC tablecloth fabrics in a useful and creative way

  1. PVC tablecloth fabric either old or new makes a fantastic play mat for smaller children. A one metre piece is ample to either roll out on the table for paints and baking or even spread over the carpet on the floor so that playdough and plasticine can be safely used. You could even take it outside and lay it on the lawn. It will turn any space into a protected play area.

  2. Why not get creative and have a go at making a shoulder bag or toilet bag to keep all that unruly make up bits in. As the PVC tablecloth fabric is waterproof and wipes clean it is ideal for small items. Why not have a look at our sewing with PVC guide to give you some tips.

  3. Lining shelves and draws. PVC tablecloth materials offers a great way to add a bit of individuality and created a hygienic wipe clean surface.

  4. If you have cats or dogs you can use a small oblong to place under the pet food bowls then if anything is spilled you can just whip up the mat and wipe it down, no need to keep getting the floor mop out.

  5. Last but by no means least you can always use it as a tablecloth. PVC has a place in a busy family home with small children and will save hours of washing and potential furniture damage. We have some fantastic designs to choose from including our latest addition Tick Tock.

A photo of the Tick Tock tablecloth