Brexit - a surprise to us all.

I think that the referendum result came as quite a surprise, both to those who voted to leave and those committed to staying within the EU. Any way the result is out and I expect the wheels of government are speeding into action putting a plan in place to carry us forward. You would not think the result would have an impact on a small wipe clean tablecloth business like ours but already we have been stung by the fall in the exchange rate when paying our bills to France. I am optimistic that this is just a temporary drop in the £ against the Euro and am not overly concerned in the short term. We have no plans to pass the increase onto our customers.

I do have some concerns about how our relationships will change with our French, German and Spanish suppliers. At present apart from the obvious language difficulties, the ordering process and deliveries from our suppliers are good. It will be interesting to see if we will experience big changes in import regulations and taxes when buying from Europe and if purchasing becomes a challenge. On a positive note it would be good to open up wider trading options with other non-european countries and the world could be our oyster.

Ever the optimist I am sure that it will all come out in the wash and will eventually have a happy ending, there is bound to be compromises but there will also be advantages. Let's hope that in three years’ time I am writing about the boom in the wipe clean tablecloth sales in the UK and the wider world.