So the sun was shining, the invitations had been delivered and we were ready to launch!

We had dished out the invites to all of our friends, families, neighbours and everyone we knew inviting them to come along to our garden party, have a look for themselves at what we were up to, and spill some liquids on our fantastic wipe clean tablecloths and products. We have invested in a shiny new gazebo to use at all our shows and thought this would be a great opportunity to give it a test run! We set it up in Jenny and Terry's garden the day before the party; the sun was beating down on the hottest day of the year. What could go wrong?

It rained during the night....................................

At 5.00am on the morning of the launch party Jenny and Terry were in their garden, having been woken by a loud noise, battling the elements, and checking up on the latest purchase! Unfortunately the brand new banner proudly displaying our company name, which had been attached with extra strong tape and velcro to the canopy the evening before was in a sorry heap on the ground. But never fear, Terry was here. He rescued the banner, cleaned it up and putting into practice his boy scout skills managed to save the day with string and sticks! With the banner now firmly re-attached we all gave a sigh of relief and wondered if it was too early to open the wine!

The Franclaire team poses with their gazebo, proudly displying their tablecloths and accessories.

Despite this small setback the Launch Party was a complete success. We received lots of lovely compliments from those invited and even made a few sales. After the show we were confident and feeling prepared for our up and coming Country Shows. We all went home that evening, looking forward to a good night's sleep - Jenny and Terry especially.

Oh, and the banner is now firmly stitched onto the canopy! You live and learn.