At the time of writing this it is eight weeks until Christmas and the shops have been full of Christmas cards, decorations and related Christmas stuff since the beginning of September. It is no wonder that Christmas comes around very quickly.

According to the BBC, A representative for Selfridges said: “It gets earlier and earlier every year. This year there are a lot of tourists in London because of the situation with sterling.” and I have noticed Christmas departments in Garden Centres and major department stores have been open since October.

I remember when we wouldn’t start to think about Christmas until after Bonfire Night or at the earliest Halloween. It is always a bit strange at Franclaire as we have to start thinking about Christmas fabrics in the summer to make sure they have arrived and been photographed ready for November when our Christmas season seems to really get going. It is very odd when we have to make mince pies in July!

A couple of lovely new Acrylic coated Christmas tablecloths in for this winter are Cool Yule & Nordic Winter both fantastic Christmas fun. We do of course have the classic traditional red Christmas tablecloth and the silver grey one that has always been popular for the festive season.

Reminder: If you haven’t already and normally shop online for your groceries then try and secure your delivery slot now. Yes I know it is only November !