Our carefully chosen Festive and Celebratory wipe-clean tablecloths are very user friendly. We try to choose a selection that can be used all through the year also, thereby offering you not only the benefits of a wipeclean cloth that can just be wiped clean and you cut down on washing and laundering, but also saving you the necessity of buying an extra tablecloth just for your Celebrations.

When photographing our Seasonal and Christmas tablecloths for our website we take an everyday shot and a Christmas or Celebration shot too so that our customers can see just how adaptable our wipe clean tablecloths can be. For example a tablecloth fabric featuring alpine motifs, tartans or berries would be perfect for Autumn or Winter use as well as being ideal as a Christmas or Hogmanay tablecloth too. With clever use of different table settings you can utilise our tablecloths to suit the occasion.

A selection of wipe clean Christmas tablecloth available from Franclaire

Plain tablecloths are perfect for any time of year but again our choice of white, black, red, cream or our best selling Silver Grey can be dressed up or down as the occasion merits with different colour china and table dressings. Sparkle, our beautiful cotton glittery tablecloth is perfect for all types of celebrations but if you are looking for something a little more economical how about our vinyl wipe clean Celebration, available in white or red and featuring gold stars.  

And when the time comes when you fancy a change simply wipe your tablecloth down and pack it away ready for use next time. 

So don't delay. Enjoy browsing through our website and make your choice today.