And One Year Later................

So here we are. With one year of trading behind us, Franclaire Fabrics is now firmly established and, we are delighted to say, getting busier every day.

What a year it has been! What a lot we have learnt - not least getting to grips with the reality of modern technology and all it entails when running a business.

We now have a great customer base and our fabrics get a great response from them.They are delighted with their acrylic coated wipe clean practicality, their natural feel and drape and vibrant colour and design. We have sent our tablecloths all over the world and as well as your homes they are now being used in cafes, restaurants, care homes, clubs and church halls, even a Castle. We are very proud that Greenpeace chose to use our tablecloths at this years Glastonbury Festival. We are also delighted that Dovetail Living have mentioned us in their latest blog along with our friends Fleur de Soleil.

Not Just For Tablecloths....... But our customers never cease to amaze us with their imaginative uses for our fabrics. They have been used for blinds, seat and pew covers, bedheads, dog cages and even a rabbit hutch shade. Who knows what we will be making next?

A photo montage of some creative uses of Franclaire tablecloth materials!

So heres to the future and we just need to say a great big thank you to all our friends, colleagues and families for their continuing support.