As the dark nights draw in for some of us our thoughts probably turn towards settling down for the evening in front of the television with the heating on. However, there are still plenty of reasons to find an excuse for a party. How about a Halloween or Bonfire Night party?

Halloween has, in more recent years, become more popular, probably due to media and commercial influences and all sorts of costumes, decorations and tableware are now available to celebrate October 31st. Popular Halloween activities include trick or treating, carving pumpkins for use as lanterns, bonfire parties with scary stories and apple bobbing and playing pranks on friends.

A photo of the chocolate cake displayed against some our of bright wipeable tablecloths

November 5th is traditionally known as Bonfire Night and is celebrated with bonfire and firework parties, toffee apples, hot dogs and bonfire toffee. The tradition of "burning the guy" finds it's roots in the events of 5th November 1605 when Guy Fawkes, a member of The Gunpowder Plot, was arrested whilst guarding explosives placed beneath the House of Lords, in an attempt to murder King James I. Bonfires were lit all around London to celebrate the fact that the King had survived.

So however you decide to celebrate Autumn enjoy yourselves and don't forget that should you need a practical wipe clean tablecloth for your party, such as our Just Black tablecloth, take a look today at what we have available.