In this modern day and age the word blue is widely used as a adjective to evoke confidence and reliability. If you have a look at the links with these common phrases which include the word blue. True blue, Blue Flag, Blue ribbon and Blue chip. Strangely all of these infer quality by the use of the word blue.

Surprisingly the traditional gender reference with blue for boys and pink for girls is a very recent development and was introduced as a marketing tool in the 1940's. Another interesting fact is that in recent public European polls 50% of the population say that blue is their favourite colour.

Blue is renowned to be a cold colour but it does give a clean and fresh look and can be a great choice for a wipe clean tablecloth to brighten up a kitchen table or can be used to great effect to create an elegant dining room design.

Some of the top UK designers are championing blue this season and we have a wide range of blue wipe clean tablecloths in a variety of shades so you should find something suitable to enhance a blue themed look.

Designer Caroline Driver senior designer at John Lewis says: 'This season’s coastal trend injects a hint of carefree holiday living into your home.' She suggests using white and blue fabrics across curtains, cushions and upholstery and completing the look with pebble colours and natural materials to create an elegant scheme.

'Vivid blues, such as azure and sapphire, are perfect for an invigorating look' says Janet Dixon, chief designer at Barker & Barker. ‘And whether you use them all over for maximum effect or picked out in decorative accessories, this trend is a simple way to add vibrancy.’

We have a good selection of extra wide wipe clean blue tablecloths including Calypso and Checkmate Blue which are ideal for round tablecloths or the larger dining table and a couple of my favourite blue cloths are the classy Mayfair Blue and the very modern Le Touqet Blue striped wipeable tablecloth.