So there we were......Nigel, (our photographer friend to whom we owe a lot of thank you's) and myself in a room containing a table, a screen, several rolls of fabric, photographic equipment and half the contents of my cupboards and attic........

We had eight shots to complete to show off our new and Christmas fabrics, complete with table settings, decorations, etc. You think it would be easy to photograph inanimate objects on a table, but in reality - and any photographer will tell you this - it's not!

Background, foreground, light, composition, colours, focus, etc.etc. all play their part and it just takes ages. In fact, nearly all day!

A selection of festive tablecloths from Franclaire Fabrics.

It's like a military operation sorting it all out, co-ordinating background colours with different fabrics and composing the shot. Then there is the order the shots have to be taken in.  The bread and cheese shot was taken before lunch and they were consumed as lunch a while later. Unfortunately we couldn't wash it down with the wine or port as we were both driving!

A couple of sample Christmas wipeable tablecloths from Franclaire Fabrics.

But it's worth it in the end. All our new and seasonal fabrics are now available to view in full colourful detail on our website. Check out the seasonal section and see how good the Christmas tablecloths look. Just imagine.... one tablecloth is all you need to see you through the festive season. Spillages can be just wiped away and no washing necessary. So don't miss out. Order yours today.