Thomas Tusser in the 16th century wrote "At Christmas, play and make good cheer, for Christmas comes but once a year.” It feels to me that it comes round more frequently than the 365 days set by our annual calendar. We start looking for our Christmas tablecloths in June and by August we are making mince pies and digging out our Christmas decorations ready to get the new season Christmas tablecloths photographed. At the end of September as early as it seems, Christmas cards start to appear in the shops and this is the catalyst to make sure all our Xmas tablecloth listing are up to date and the Christmas designs are displayed to the best advantage. I suppose with looking at all the preparation we do throughout the year that could be why it feels to me that Christmas comes every six months!

I like Christmas and all the festivities involved. The decorations, nice food and drink and best of all spending time with family and friends. I am on cooking duty for this Christmas but not being a big turkey fan I think I will either do a rib of beef or a duck for a change on Christmas Day. It will only be a small affair with six of us but I do like to go to town on the table and I am contemplating using either Just Black or the new extra wide Red Linen Tablecloth.

A photo of Snowy Owls vinyl Christmas tablecloth

We have back our best seller from last year 'Festive Sparkle' and also a couple of very nice new Christmas vinyl tablecloths - Snowy Owls and Santa's Sleigh. The vinyl tablecloths are a great option to get that Christmas cheer while keeping the costs down. 

A photo of Santa's Sleigh vinyl Christmas tablecloth

Whatever you end up eating on Christmas Day and whatever is covering your table on the 25th, Frances and I would like to wish all our customers a very smooth run up to Christmas, a special day and a happy new year.