It gets to the stage just after Christmas when I feel I should pack away my acrylic coated tablecloth, fold away the dining table and fill the space with the exercise bike which has not seen the light of day for some considerable time. The idea to eat less and exercise more occupies a lot of people's minds at this time of year, me included. I just need to find the secret of how to put it into action to get a slimmer fitter me for 2017! If you are sharing the same thoughts I wish you good luck!

The New Year will bring changes in the world of fashion and the colours that are on trend. Pantone who are the authority on colours try and predict what will be in and out of fashion and they have made some predictions for the on-trend spring colours. Here at Franclaire we try to ensure that we always have a mix of the more contemporary tablecloths and the more traditional wipe clean plain tablecloths that easily fit in with most people's decor. We particular try to stock a wide range of extra wide tablecloths that are great for the large round tablecloths.

We now have in stock four of the colours which closely match the suggested spring range these are Amarillo Yellow, Navy Blue and Terracotta which all come as extra wide wipe clean tablecloth at 160cm and Moss Green a wipe clean linen tablecloth at 140cm wide.

Some of the top colours for spring 2017 fashion are:

13-0755 Yellow

19-4045 Blue

13-1404 Orange

18-0107 Green

Pantone colour swatches