Easter Sunday is traditionally a time for celebrating and feasting after Lent. It is also a time to look forward to Spring, lighter nights and hopefully some sunshine.

Here in the UK many families celebrate Easter Sunday with chocolate easter eggs, a roast dinner and a bank holiday but age old traditions have long been celebrated in different parts of the world in slightly different ways. In Medieval Europe eggs were forbidden during Lent and eggs laid during that time were often boiled or preserved until Easter Sunday, when they were a prized gift for children and servants. Eggs are also regarded as a symbol of new life and have been used during the Spring festivals of many ancient cultures.

Lots of Easter traditions are formed around eggs where they are coloured, dyed or painted. In Greece eggs are painted red, in Germany they are painted green and in Poland and the Ukraine they are painted silver and gold.  

A great favourite with children is an Easter Egg Hunt. Another popular tradition is for them to decorate an Easter bonnet for an Easter parade but best of all are the chocolate eggs they receive on Easter Sunday morning.

Easter tablecloths

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Hares and Rabbits are symbols of fertility and in Germany children look for eggs laid by the "Easter Hare" and they receive a basket of eggs from the Easter Bunny, which is fast becoming a very popular tradition here in the UK too and many families will soon be celebrating the Easter holiday together with their own egg hunts and easter bunny baskets. 

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