Round tablecloths continue to be a big favourite with our customers but they are not without their challenges for us. A relatively small round table needs quite a big cloth due to its diameter and sourcing nice wide tablecloths is a constant challenge. We have had some lovely extra wide spotty cloth which was ideal for round tablecloths but this has now been discontinued by the manufacturer. We have now exhausted our stock of taupe and green and although we still have the spotty tablecloth available in blue and red at 175cm wide our stock of that is now getting disappointingly low.

 Rudolph and Silver Grey christmas tablecloths.

I can only presume that the shortage of extra wide cloths is due to the difficulty and expense of manufacturing at a wider width. I am sure that we are not the only company that would like to be able to access more wide tablecloths to add to their range.

We do have some good news regarding our selection of extra wide round tablecloths. One of the new additions ‘Dandy’ is proving to be a great success and is available up to 175cm diameter and even wider are two other new cloths Spiral Blue and Ivory both available up to 185cm diameter.

If you are looking for a round tablecloth we will cut any of our fabrics into a circle and the maximum size is only dictated by the width. If you need any advice regarding the correct size or you would like free samples please don’t hesitate to get in touch.