It all started when Alan, our website designer said it would be great to have a video on the home page to introduce our company. How on earth do we do that was amongst our first thoughts, but after we got over the shock we put our minds to writing the script, which in fact turned out to be the easy bit. Deciding on who, where, when, and how it would all come together was the challenge.

Alan used his contacts at the local college and helped us procure the services of Michael and Tim - two willing and enthusiastic media students who were then thrown in at the deep end to film and edit our efforts. My mum was persuaded to mow the lawn and tidy her ramshackled garden (only joking mum!) and the scene was set.

A few photos of Tim, Michael and Claire working on the Franclaire Fabrics video shoot.

Neither Frances nor I felt we were confident or photogenic enough for the movies so again we had to draft in the help of my sister-in-law. Claire ticked all the boxes for our lead role being attractive, friendly and available. The only thing now was to keep our fingers crossed for a nice day, and thank goodness the sun came out for us!

All systems go - shoot - cut. That was short lived. The radio from the builders over the road was now blaring out on full volume interfering with the sound recording. I went over bearing gifts of cream scones and they kindly agreed to turn it off for a couple of hours. They always say the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach! Apart from the occasional airplane and gust of wind, take two onwards were all relatively trouble free. Frances was in the director’s chair directing the action and looking after the prompting while Michael and Tim from the college looked after the shooting. At the end of a sunny afternoon filming the boys edited our video into a short, sharp clip that we feel tells you all you need to know about Franclaire Fabrics. We are delighted with the results! I just hope that none of the big studios discover Fran’s hidden talents as a director as we need her here at the coal face. Thanks to all who helped make it happen.

So, here it is - the final video in all it's glory!