I have just had a fantastic three week holiday in the South of France and despite the often grim weather forecasts we had almost wall to wall sunshine, which for October we are eternally grateful for. Frances and I started this small business inspired by our trips to France where we stayed in Gites where acrylic coated cloths were often gracing the tables. Over the years I found that if I wanted a new acrylic coated cloth I needed to buy it while on holiday in France as availability in the UK was almost non existent. PVC coated tablecloths have been readily available in the UK for decades but to have the practicality of wiping the tablecloth clean and it still looking like an ordinary tablecloth was what I wanted so France was my source.

When Frances and I try to choose fabrics for our range we try not to get too bogged down by our own personal taste which is very difficult and we can still not bring ourselves to buy something that neither of us like. I am sure that this is not always the best commercial decision but as yet we have not been brave enough to risk any wild cards. It struck me while in Provence that most of the cloths on offer have a very distinctive French style often with designs of lavender, olives or lemons in the traditional colours of yellow, green and violet found in the region. I can visualise us now standing over the samples deciding that some fabrics are just too French. Are we making the right decision? They seem so joyful and so completely right in the sunshine of the Mediterranean and nothing could be better than sharing a glass of wine and a bowl of olives over a table brightened by such a tablecloth but I do wonder if when in a different environment they will hold up so well?

I am reminded of spending a holiday in Greece and drinking the most amazing cheap white wine whilst watching the sun go down. Enthused by the incredible value of such a nice wine I found room in my case for a bottle on the way home. Then only to find it almost undrinkable while watching Strictly Come Dancing on a on a cold Saturday night. I wonder if the South of France tablecloths may suffer the same fate when travelling. What do you think? Should we try a few Provencal or alpine style cloths in our range? I would love to hear your thoughts about the sort of colours and styles that you would like to see next year.