Gingham tablecloths and interesting things about this durable checked fabric.

With the addition of a red and blue gingham checked tablecloth to our range it got me thinking about some of the uses of this timeless classic pattern. It reminded me of the famous musical Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and the fantastic scene when they are raising the barn. At our local theatre each one of the girls at the barn dance sported a different coloured gingham dress. The music is uplifting and with the colourful dresses it created an all together joyful picture.

Some gingham tablecloths

In 1939 a blue gingham was used in the movie the Wizard of Oz for Dorothy's dress. The original dress worn by Judy Garland sold in November 2015 at Bonhams auction house in New York for an incredible 1.56 million dollars. I must admit I cannot see under any circumstances one of our gingham tablecloths second hand and 85 years old fetching any where near that amount.

Almost every country seems to want to make a claim for introducing and producing the gingham check fabric. Probably the most valid claims come from Malaysia and Indonesia from areas colonised by the Dutch and it is thought this is where the name originates.

There is a lot more to the good old gingham checked tablecloth than first meets the eye and if you are interested in finding our more visit all things vintage there is an interesting history and lots more to find out.