Our latest show, The Shackerstone Family Festival came hot on the heels of the first of our house parties, (thanks to our hosts and their guests) and with it being just down the road meant that we could set up the day before and get out of bed on show mornings after the dawn chorus had finished!

Having been to a number of shows recently, we're beginning to get used to seeing rows of classic cars ("look, my Dad had one like that") all lined up looking better than the day they left the factory gates, listening to commentary of another Black Knight getting his comeuppance in the jousting ring and the buzz of the motorbike display team displaying whatever it is they display in the "Main Arena" but this time we were able to witness the main attraction from the Franclaire Fabrics show headquarters, the spectacular Red Arrows. We stood, necks craned upwards, along with thousands of others, for a full 15 minutes as the sky was filled with red, white and blue smoke and the perfectly (and heartstopping) choreographed jet planes swooped and soared before our eyes. (Thanks to Claire for breaking off from the spectacle to serve a customer)

One observation that we have made during these shows is that there seems to be no end of weird and wonderful ways that people - No, let's be honest here, it's mostly men - spend their weekends showing stuff off. Be it Meccano models of traction engines or the full size, lovingly restored real thing, be it vintage tractors and military trucks,  Knights on horseback or  Cowboys and Indians.   However, its not just the men that are creative as we get lots of very imaginative ladies buying our fabric for making things we would never have dreamed of. I suppose they've got to do something on the long winter nights when their husbands disappear to their sheds and garages.

That's the last of our country shows for a while. Next year we must find time to go and watch The Gunfight at the OK Canal.........