We now have three shows under our belts and I must say the first two left something to be desired. Our first at Melton Mowbray was on a beautiful day but perhaps the sunshine kept the visitors away, as there didn't appear to be that many of them!

The next Sunday was the day that the rain came down...........................

So there we were, having got up at half past four in the morning, set up ready and waiting for customers in the impressive surroundings of Hampton Court (No! not that one - the one near Hereford) at the Herefordshire Country Show. Unfortunately by 10.00a.m. the rain was heavy and nothing like the light showers they had forecast. The weather just got worse and the site became more like Glastonbury on a bad day and my husband, David, is still complaining about his trench foot! At least it proved the gazebo is waterproof. Everything was damp, apart from our spirits and it was onwards and upwards towards the next show.

At last, on Sunday 11th August, we were at the Far Forest Society Country Show, where the weather was good, the show was well organised and well supported and the acrylic coated wipe clean tablecloths went down a storm.

We now have the packing up and transporting down to a fine art and can complete this easily within 45 minutes each end with all hands on deck.

This weekend coming will be our first two day show at the Warwickshire and West Midlands Game Fair at Arbury Hall, Warwickshire. Let's keep our fingers crossed that the hunters and fishermen have wives and girlfriends that are interested in home furnishings. Update on progress to follow soon.