We are always looking to find interesting and resourceful ways to use up all our off-cuts and this is a real winner. The coasters are so simple to make and need no special equipment. I have detailed how I made them below and I see no reason why you should not be able to revamp old place mats in the same way.

You will need:

  • Plasic sheet or paper to protect your tablecloth
  • Spray mount or PVA glue
  • Enamel spray to finish
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pen
  • Coaster size ceramic tiles
  • Sticky cork or foam pads for the bottom of the coasters
  • Off-cuts of fabric

Measure your tiles and cut squares of fabric that fit just inside the outside edge of the tile. You need to be leaving a small gap of about 2mm to ensure the enamel spray seals the fabric down well.

Use spray mount or PVA glue to attach the fabric to the tile. I would suggest coating the tile then applying the fabric. Leave to dry.

Apply spray enamel to each tile allowing time for it to dry between each coat. I found three coats was enough for a good finish.

Apply the protective pads to the bottom of the tile. This way the rough ceramic tile will not damage the furniture.

If you plan to give them as a gift, tie them together with a ribbon.

We have had requests for craft fabric bundles and we are now offering this service for £3.99. The bundles contain at least 600g of fabric and are ideal for bags, shower caps, coasters and patchwork etc. Please ring us if you are interested so that we can tailor a pack to your size and colour requirements.

Enjoy your crafting!