Every time we have a new tablecloth fabric in stock we have to arrange a photography session where we feature the fabric with an appropriate table setting on it. This sounds quite a simple process but the reality is sometimes quite different.

A lot of work and effort goes into getting the perfect shot and our appreciative thanks must go to our photographer and friend Nigel at Dimension Photography, whose patience with us on shoot days exceeds all limits. I can't believe how difficult and sometimes time consuming it can be to get the shot correct. Who would have thought that inanimate objects - in this case a tablecloth and a table setting - would cause so much consternation. Claire and I plan the layouts beforehand and collate together a selection of possible props. We use all sorts of things to try to keep each fabric shot as varied as possible. Cake is a favourite. That usually gets eaten when we break for lunch!

A photo of Nigel taking photographs of our tablecloth fabrics

We tweak things around with each shot until we are happy with the way it looks. Lots of things have to be taken into consideration. For example we have to have a toning backdrop, we have to decide what needs to be at the foreground and in the background of each shot, make sure there are no creases in the fabric, whether the fabric is displayed to show off all the design, the lighting and the angle and most importantly how the colour of the fabric appears on the final shot. Checked and plain fabrics are notorious for appearing as a mass of wiggly lines or the completely wrong colour and they bear no resemblance to the way we see the actual fabric. So it's down to Nigel's skill to get this correct.

A photo of some recent tablecloth fabrics

The sessions usually take the best part of the day and we are always pleased when we have finished and packed up until next time. All that remains then is to upload the photographs to our website so that our customers can see our cloths displayed, we hope, to their best advantage.