St Valentine's Day is a celebration observed in many countries around the world on 14th February each year in honour of early Christian saints named Valentinus. Today however, it is associated with Romance and Love and the giving and receiving of presents and love tokens.

Will you be sending a Valentine card to anyone special in your life this year? Will you sign your name or will it be a mystery to the recipient ?

So apart from cards, flowers and chocolates, what about preparing a lovely meal to show your appreciation for that special person. With some thought beforehand it is easier than you may imagine. The trick is forward planning and preparing courses as much as possible beforehand. You can get some ideas at the BBC Good Food website. Just remember to lay the table with a beautiful cloth and we highly recommend our gorgeous Amour wipe-clean tablecloth as It speaks for itself being covered in Love Hearts!  You will also need some nice cutlery and glassware and a bottle of something sparkly. Perhaps a single rose in the centre of the table and some candles and you are all set. 

However you decide to spend your Valentine's Day we hope it all goes off splendidly and you enjoy your Celebration.