Do you enjoy Christmas Pudding after your Christmas Day Lunch? With its origins dating back to Medieval England, Christmas Pudding is the traditional dessert enjoyed by many after their Christmas Day Lunch. This is an old fashioned pudding of fruits suet and spices, sometimes soaked in alcohol, and which is traditionally made on Stir Up Sunday, the last Sunday before the start of Advent, when all family members get a turn to mix and stir and make a wish. Sometimes coins are put into the pudding and it is said that it brings wealth, health and happiness to the lucky recipient.

When the pudding is brought to the table it usually has alcohol poured over it which is then set alight, much to the delight of the younger members of the family. Once sliced and served you can enjoy your Christmas Pudding with a flavoured sauce or butter, cream or just plain custard if you prefer.

However you like yours we hope you enjoy it and we would like to take this opportunity of wishing all our Customers, Suppliers, Friends and Family a very joyous Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous 2015.