Ice Crystal Rouge Wipe Clean Red Tablecloth

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Ice Crystal Rouge is one of our innovative wipe clean tablecloths, providing a great alternative to pvc, vinyl, plastic or oilcloth. Being wipeable and washable, this lovely red tablecloth has a natural drape and soft feel, with the added benefit of looking like a normal tablecloth. It's also durable, lightweight and practical, and is of course very easy to care for. This popular red tablecloth will look good in your home or garden and is perfect for any occasion.

A contemporary and stylish acrylic-coated wipe clean red tablecloth that will grace any dining room. It is also perfect as a christmas tablecloth. This tablecloth fabric is 155cm wide.

Finish Matt Finish
Fabric Acrylic-Coated
Main Colour Red, Taupe, White
Minimum Length (cm) 100
Maximum Length (cm) 2000