Follow these simple steps to make a fantastic vintage shower cap that will make the perfect Christmas gift.

You will need:

- 60cm square of acrylic coated fabric
- 50cm of elastic
- 170cm of bias binding
- 50cm of contrasting ribbon
- Cotton to sew with

Mark out a circle that is 53cm across in the middle of the fabric. Cut 2.5cm further out from the marked circle then cut round the marked circle. This will leave you with a strip of fabric that you can use to encase the elastic.

Mark in from the outside edge of the circle that you have cut at 5cm then attach the cut circular tape to these marks making a channel that runs all around the circle.

Carefully fold the bias binding over the edge of the circle then pin and sew in place. If you have a folding attachment for your machine you can use it for the binding. If no folding foot is to hand then sew slowly, taking care to check that both sides of the binding have been caught by the stitches.

Sew round the inside and the outside of the channel that you have pinned on leaving a small opening to thread the elastic through.

Using a safety pin thread it through the channel and pull it to fit your head. Secure well with a knot at the correct size.

Even out the gathers and add a decorative bow as a finishing touch.

There you have it. An easy to make vintage shower hat that makes an ideal gift.